(Beginning of Just Another Day can be found below this post)Taken from “When The Unexpected Happens To You”

Chuck was one of several Americans relocated to England to help design and construct a pharmaceutical facility located in Stevenage, England. The assignment was our reason for committing to live in England for the next three years. It was here that events would unfold and dramatically change our lives forever.

The slowing of the train along with the site of familiar buildings that surrounded King’s Cross station, alerted me of my need to try and expel some of the air of excitement  Joel had attained during the ride. Hopefully, just enough to permit us to exit the train in a somewhat orderly fashion. Hand in hand we left the station and set off on our first adventure alone in the city – hailing a taxi! Thankfully, there wasn’t much work involved as when we exited the station we noticed a long line or “que” as they called it of taxis parked outside of the station. It was on a first come, first serve basis. Simple and easy and for Joel it was more than that. It was just plain fun!

A ten minute drive took us to Howland street where we would join up with Chuck. Chuck was excited as on this day he was about to find out whether he was going to be the proud father of a new baby girl to pamper and protect or was it a boy who would carry on his name. “It” being the little bundle of joy I had been carrying for several months and was soon to hear if I should buy pink frilly dresses or blue denim overalls. Joel was hoping for a girl!

We headed for the Portland hospital. It was an extremely plush hospital as it was the birthplace of the Duchess of York’s firstborn. That fact did not have any influence of us choosing the Portland. It was the only hospital my doctor, Mr. Siddle,  would do his deliveries. On this day we were there to do an ultrasound. It was routine and there was no thought of it being anything but just that.

The clock straight on two o’clock, we informed the receptionist of our arrival. A familiar face greeted us. Mr. Siddle, a very dignified and extremely professional individual, often viewed as impersonal because of his subdued manner, introduced himself to Chuck. Seeing that the prefix “Mr.” in the British culture signified an advanced level of education as opposed to the prefix “Dr.”, I always made an honest effort to remember the differences between the two when introducing him. However, my few occasions of forgetting those distinctions gave Mr. Siddle the opportunity to remind me of his qualifications and his preference of being called “Mr.”

Finally with the pleasantries all completed we entered the world of advanced technology: lights, cameras, and action! With all eyes peering at the screen, we eagerly awaited explanations as to the intricacies we were seeing. Some features of our child were readily identifiable and others were only captured by the trained eyes of Mr. Siddle. We relished every moment and listened attentively to each word he spoke. We were awestricken by every movement we saw flutter across the screen. There it was – a baby: a living, moving, and active human being showing the Powell’s its gymnastic abilities. It was impressive to say the least. We knew we were witnessing nothing short of a miracle.

Copyright 1993 All Rights Reserved Donna R. Powell
No part of this article or posting may be duplicated.

Donna R. Powell



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