Challenges of Families Raising a Special Needs Child
By Esther B. Hess, Ph.D
(Published by the Los Angeles County Psychological Association: May/June 2004)

I believe this story dramatizes in a very vivid way the dilemma that parents find themselves in when they discover that the child who they were suppose to have, in their mind’s eye, is gone and in his or her place a new child, one who was born with developmental challenges. It’s not that this child doesn’t give joy in his or her own way but the circumstances are unexpected, and as a consequence of their baby’s special needs, these parents’ lives are changed forever.

How do parents deal with these challenges? Well, they grieve. Grieving is necessary when you go through a loss. It’s the first step, before you can get better. There are several distinct stages to this process, and they are not necessarily sequential, often lasting longer than one would like.



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