This posting is one that is not for those who may be categorized as judgmental or pretentious. This posting is for those who have experienced real life with all of its joys and heartaches. Though all parents with special needs children experience some of the same emotions as others, each one has their own story to tell. We all walk through life as best we can, facing each moment as it comes. In this posting I will not hold back any truths. That is the reason for this blog. It is about truth! If you are a parent of a special needs child, you may read this post and see yourself in it. On the other hand, you may read it and realize you have not felt or experienced any of what I have experienced. Nonetheless, I am sure that YOU will not make any judgmental statements or feel any disbelief in what you read. On the other hand, if you are not the parent of a special needs child, I challenge you to be open to this posting. I challenge you to refrain from the “just get over it” or the “I can’t believe she actually wrote or felt that” ideas that might filter in through the mind of a parent who has not been where we are. Parenting a child with a disability is never about getting or wanting sympathy or even empathy. It is about knowledge! What do you know? What do you want to know? Do you even care to know?
I will cover several areas in this posting: Anger towards God and others; Resentment and/or Envy; Fear; Overwhelming Joy/Sadness; Bitterness; Acceptance: Faith.
Let the Journey continue – let the postings begin.


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